Legends of Fandom is 

Inspired By….

love of Fandom

I am a Jedi, like my Father before me… okay well maybe not a Jedi, but from an early age I was exposed to many different elements in fandom that have inspired me.  

  Talking about their origins is just one way in which I am showing appreciation for the impact they have made in my life.

Love of my children

Now that I am a Father I love sharing my favorite fandoms with my children, and often I am asked, “Dad is that story real?” and while it may not be “real” these stories have some surprising origins that add depth to Modern Mythology.
By sharing these origins with my children I can help enhance their understanding and their love of Fandom.

My Love of learning

Whether it be the art of Story Telling, the technical details of an RSS Feed, or the ancient origins of my favorite characters, nothing scratches an itch like learning something new.

Without this desire to learn more, Legends of Fandom would be an idea floating in the back of my head forever.  

What are you waiting for?