Legends of Fandom

Where Modern Fandoms meet Ancient Legends

From Across the Fandomverse our favorite TV Shows, Books, Movies and Comics reach into Mythology to draw inspirations.  These characters become the Legends of Fandom. Join me and learn about the Legendary Characters and how they differ from their Modern Mythologies.


Disney Legends

Maui *
Peter Pan 
King Triden*
  The Beast*
King Arthur*
Hercules *
Robin Hood* 
Hua Mulan*
The City of Atlantis*


Character Inspirations*
 The Dark Arts*
Hagrid and his Beasts*
Hogwarts Houses*
(Gryffindor, Slitherin,
  Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw)
Ilvermorny Houses*  
(Horned Serpent,
 Wampus, Thunderbird,

Marvel / DC

Norse Mythology*
(Thor, Odin, Loki,
Wonder Woman*
The Flash* 

Hero’s Journey

Star Wars*
 Lord of the Rings*
Harry Potter*
The Matrix*
The Lion King*
The Incredibles* 
The Princess Bride*
The Wizard of Oz*
Jessica Jones* 

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*Indicates that episode has not been recorded yet

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